Last week, October 21-22, ГО «NGO Olive Branch Ukraine and the baccalaureate program of the Kyiv Theological Seminary "Pastoral and Chaplain's Leadership"held a women's conference "God seeks for the faithful and makes them capable." The conference invited female soldiers and women who serve to the military or have a military background. More than a hundred women from nine regions of Ukraine and the United States came to Kyiv Theological Seminary to attend the event.. 

How to bring the love of God and support your husbands, sons and/or parents who have returned from the war? My husband came home different, how to find an understanding? A woman in the army, how to overcome fears and rejection? For these and many other questions, the participants of the conference sought answers, shared experiences and practical advices, prayed for one another. 

Summer Raborn, a retired US Navy MP Corps officer, explained the difficulties and problems a woman faces in the military service. She offered practical recommendations on how to fight fears and feelings of loneliness.. 

Sincere and frank was the story of Priscilla Meadows Arthur. She is the wife of a military chaplain, US Army captain (retired). Priscilla taught how to prepare a family to accept and embrace returning home husband. Priscilla’s daughter, Isabel, shared what a child feels when her father is on a war and how her mother helped her to go through this tough time.

The KTS graduate Galina Starchenko, the chaplain and psychologist explained how to avoid emotional burnout in the family, how to support the husband-serviceman and prevent suicidal thoughts in his life. Galina was specific and practical on how to communicate with people suffering from post-traumatic syndrome.
At the conference the participants had chance to express their creativity and get away from daily problems. Tetyana Cheremisina ("Women's Heart " Club, Kherson) held a master class on how to make flowers, bookmarks and frames of ribbons and encouraged women to use their God-given talents to serve other people. 
A warm atmosphere invited much of sincere fellowship, singing and mutual support.