During three days, October 27-29, the Kyiv Theological Seminary was filled with warm fellowship, joyful laughter, meaningful discussions and reflections on spiritual matters. 
The conference brought together nearly 100 participants from various parts of Ukraine and the United States. “Syta Pany” (Full Lady) – that was the name of this year's conference.

Syta Pani is God's beloved daughter, who is spiritually grounded in Jesus Christ, grows spiritually and cherishes gratitude.

The conference featured Cynthia Hester and Jenny Swink – two guest speakers from the United States.

Cynthia is a graduate of the Dallas Theological Seminary, has Masters degree in Christian education coupled with many years of experience in women's ministry.
Jenny teaches an inductive Bible study method for more than fifteen years. For ten years, she gets together monthly meetings for women and annual women's conferences.

Cynthia Hester shared with the participants her own life experience of spending time with God. She told how she learned to trust God as Heavenly Father. Also, on the basis of the Scriptures she explained what it means for a woman to be accepted as God's beloved daughter and how wonderfully He created her (Psalm 139: 13-14, 16)..

Cynthia reminded the listeners that only when a person is firmly rooted in Christ he gets the power to face life trials. Important elements of spiritual growth are forgiveness and gratitude. With forgiveness and gratitude, it is easier for a woman to live in freedom.


Seek forgiveness if you offended someone. Give forgiveness when someone offended you. Regardless of the circumstances and feelings, choose to be grateful.

In addition to the workshops, participants had the opportunity to attend master classes useful to almost every woman: making delicious salads, self-care, selecting matching clothing and creativity.

In the evening women enjoyed fun games, delicious tea with pastry, watching movies and warm fellowship. On the last day the participants were awarded with gifts, including "Valley of the Vision", a collection of the Puritan prayers and spiritual reflections./span>