Chaplain ministry is very complex and responsible work. Chaplain needs to be trained how to behave himself during a war, how to provide help and support, how to earn trust of the military, how to communicate God’s Word and God’s comfort to hearts of people. 

Professional undergraduate training is offered by Pastoral and Chaplaincy Leadership program at Kyiv Theological Seminary, which hosts annual training for active chaplains.

Kyiv Theological Seminary welcomed active military chaplains from all around Ukraine for annual chaplain training. The seminar for chaplains of the All Ukrainian Union of Associations of Evangelical Christians-Baptists took place on January 24-26, 2018. 

Many important topics related to chaplain ministry where discussed during three days of training. Ukrainian chaplains were the key speakers at the seminar. They shared from their practical experience gained while serving at the frontlines. 

Lectures covered specifics of pastoral and counseling work with the military. Open discussion section focused on ethical issues related to preaching and conduct of the chaplain at the frontlines. It was emphasized that respecting and maintaining instructions and regulations of the military service is necessary for any chaplain. It is also essential trait of the chaplain to demonstrate one’s faith by actions in order to earn trust of the military. Special attention was given to specifics of ministering to children who live in frontline territories, children express their special trust to chaplains in the conflict areas.

Biblical teaching on patriotism, love to one’s country were discussed. Other topics that were covered during the seminar: how to find comfort from the Lord experiencing loss, grief, and suffering; how to be a person of peace, how to be a Biblical peacemaker and what the Lord speaks in his Word about it. Many other interesting topics were covered during tree days of the seminar and fellowship of the chaplains. 

Welcoming remarks and words of encouragement were shared by rector of KTS R. Khmyz, representative of the Ukrainian Evangelical Christian-Baptists at the Chaplaincy Council M. Andrashko, head chaplain of the Ukrainian Evangelical Christian-Baptists V. Khimich, representative of the Ukrainian Pentecostal Churches at the Chaplaincy Council M. Mykhailishyn, director of Pastoral and Chaplaincy Leadership program at KTS V. Korenevich, president of the Ukrainian Evangelical Christian-Baptists V. Antonyuk.  Special guest at the seminar father Lyubomyr Yavorsky, assistant head of the Department of Patriarch curia at the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in chaplaincy affairs of the Ukrainian armed forces, spoke on chaplain ministry experience of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. 

Government official from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense colonel O.P. Gerus spoke about current state of affairs in legislation of the chaplaincy work, answered audience questions, and presented meritorious service awards. 
Three graduates of KTS are active chaplains in armed forces. 
The seminar commenced with the prayer of dedication for chaplains, asking God for mercy and protection on their ministry.