On March 6, 2018 Dr. Dan Upchurch, director of Church Planting program, and Igor Fedorovich, assistant to the director, participated in Kyiv church planters’ meeting where they represented Kyiv Theological Seminary. The meeting, organized by S. V. Moroz, assistant head of the All Ukrainian Union of Associations of Evangelical Christians-Baptists, took place in God’s Design Church, planted by KTS graduate Oleg Larkov. We are glad that Evgen Odintsov and Yuri Krasnozhon, KTS graduates, who plant new churches in Kyiv, also attended the meeting along with other church planters.

Dr. Dan Upchurch based his words of encouragement to the church planters on Acts 11. He stressed urgency of proclamation of the Good News about Jesus and reminded about the mission of the Church. It was wonderful time of prayer and encouragement.
It’s worth to mention, that KTS students and graduates planted over 200 churches. Over 30 students currently enrolled in Evangelism and Church Planting program at KTS.