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If you want to learn how to participate in God’s mission, you have come to the right place.

Mission is why the church exists. And that's why our World Missions Program exists—to train God’s people to effectively live, serve and spread the gospel in any culture as they fulfill the great commission.

There isn’t a more exciting calling, but it is also an overwhelming one. If you are going to be successful, you are going to need some help. Passion will get you going, but sound theology, practical skills and spiritual maturity will provide the foundation that you will need to thrive. Our program is designed to develop all of these as experienced missionaries come alongside you to prepare you for fruitful ministry.

If this is what you are looking for, we'd love to talk with you to discuss the next step.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you,

Jason Gupta, Director of World Missions Program

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About Program

Mission Statement:

The mission of the World Missions major at Kyiv Theological Seminary is to prepare students theologically and culturally to effectively minister across cultural barriers in order to help fulfill the great commission.

Vision Statement:

The vision of the program is to see evangelical churches in Ukraine and Eurasia send out skilled missionaries who will minister the Gospel cross-culturally with the goals of establishing new church movements among the unreached.


  1. Instill in students the conviction that world missions is God’s priority for His church
  2. Prepare students to understand principles of cross-cultural evangelism, discipleship, and church planting
  3. Equip students to develop strategies and planning for intercultural ministry 
  4. Teach students to understand and respond to major world religious systems 
  5. Integrate biblical and theological truth into life and ministry
  6. Instill in students the ability to understand and relate to the relational dynamics of mission life 
  7. Prepare students to apply skills and knowledge acquired within the major through a cross-cultural ministry internship
  8. Assist students to connect with agencies that will partner with them in cross-cultural ministry.

Core Values:

  1. We value the submission of all ministry activity methods to the authority of God’s revealed Word, believing that it is essential to “do His work in His way”
  2. We value the submission of the missionary’s lifestyle and ministry methods to cultural styles of those to whom he/she seeks to a minister, thus “becoming all things to all men”
  3. We value the establishment of new, culturally-relevant churches as the end goal of all missionary efforts.
  4. We value that goal of reaching the unreached people groups, while expanding established church movements, in order to fulfill Christ’s command spread the Gospel to all nations.


The curriculum of the World Missions major is composed of biblical, theological, cultural and ministerial aspects, designed to prepare skilled cross-cultural ministers.  The classroom curriculum is enhanced by a curriculum of cross-cultural ministry assignments.

Major Courses:
WM 101 Foundations for World Missions 
WM 102 Missions History 
WM 201 Missionary Anthropology 
WM 202 Creative Cross-cultural Communication Methods 
WM 203 Responding to World Religions 
WM 301 Spiritual Life of the Missionary 
WM 302 Cross-cultural Church Planting
WM 303 Missional Strategies 
WM 401 Encountering Islam 
WM 402 Missionary Life & Health 
WM 403 Missionary Skills 

Core Courses:
GS 101 Orientation 
BE 101 Hermeneutics 
GS 102 Grammar 
OT 101 Old Testament Survey 1 
OT 102 Old Testament Survey 2 
GS 115 Critical Thinking & Writing 1 
NT 201 New Testament Survey 1 
NT 202 New Testament Survey 2
PT 204 Homiletics 1 (for men)
GS 301 Public Speaking (for women)
TH 201 Theology 1 – Introduction, Revelation and the Nature of God
TH 202 Theology 2 – Man and Sin; Angels 
TH 301 Theology 3 – The person and work of Christ in salvation 
PT 304 Homiletics 2 (for men)
PT 306 Spiritual Leadership (for women)
CH 301 Church History 1
CH 302 Church History 2 
TH 302 Theology 4 – The Spirit and the Church, Last Things 
WM 410 World Mission and the Church
BE 146 Exposition of Romans 
PT 302 Biblical Counseling 
PT 402 Christian Theology and Spiritual Life
PT 401 Ethics