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The National Center of Youth Ministry in partnership with Kyiv Theological Seminary started in 2003 to train and disciple youth ministers for Ukraine and Russian speaking countries.

In our program students may receive a Bachelors or a Masters of Theology in Youth Ministry. We also train youth workers outside the walls of the seminary, leading various conferences and seminars. We believe that if a youth minister will be God's man, prepared, and equipped for service, then he can care for the youth of his church, and equip them to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

We will be excited to help! Join the work to reach young people!

Mykhailo Feyer, Director of the National Center for Youth Ministry

About Program

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Youth Ministry major at Kyiv Theological Seminary is to prepare the career path of youth ministry in such positions as youth pastor, youth director, camp director, parachurch staff, and positions in related fields.

Vision Statement:
The vision of the program is to see evangelical churches, Bible colleges, and other ministry contexts throughout Ukraine and Eurasia staffed with youth ministers who are trained to effectively communicate God’s Word to the current generation of young people.


  1. Teach students to effectively communicate the gospel to individuals comprising the youth culture.
  2. Help students to acquire and develop the skills essential to function and contribute to a local church staff.
  3. Enable students to have a clear understanding of programming for effective adolescent ministry.
  4. Develop confidence and skills in the students for the recruitment and development of their leadership teams.
  5. Teach the students the process of assessment, goal development, and strategic planning.
  6. Expose students to current cross-cultural concepts and strategies and help them apply theological, historical, and anthropological principles in planning for evangelism, discipleship, and leadership in a cross-cultural setting. 
  7. Train students to be prepared to function as a minister in a local church in the areas of Bible teaching, Christian counseling, organizational administration, and pastoral duties.
  8. Encourage students to pursue graduate studies so that they can be the future youth ministry professors in Bible colleges and seminaries in Ukraine and in the Russian-speaking world.

Core Values:

  1. We value the necessity for practical experience within the local church, preferably underneath a youth pastor.
  2. We believe that youth ministry should be a comprehensive ministry of discipleship that results in “maturing the believer” so that he/she can do the work of the ministry.
  3. We value an attitude and strategy for lifelong learning that continues to develop the student leader as a professional and ultimately makes a significant contribution toward youth ministry.


The curriculum of the Youth Ministry major is composed of biblical, theological, and practical aspects, designed to prepare the student for effective youth ministry within the local church. The program seeks to create a balance between classroom learning and learning within the context of ministry in a local church.

Major Courses:
YM 101 Principles of Youth Ministry 
YM 102 Youth Culture 
YM 202 Programs in Youth Ministry 
YM 213 Curriculum Development for Small Groups
YM 223 Contemporary Communication to Adolescents 
YM 331 Ministry to Troubled Youth 
YM 347 Discipleship in Youth Ministry 
YM 403 Professional Orientation to Youth Ministry 
YM 404 Планирование и развитие лагерей
YM 446 Family Ministry
YM 453 Contemporary Youth Missions 
CP 101 Intro to Church Planting

Core Courses:
GS 101 Orientation 
BE 101 Hermeneutics 
GS 102 Grammar 
OT 101 Old Testament Survey 1 
OT 102 Old Testament Survey 2 
GS 115 Critical Thinking & Writing 1 
NT 201 New Testament Survey 1 
NT 202 New Testament Survey 2
PT 204 Homiletics 1
GS 301 Public Speaking
TH 201 Theology 1 – Introduction, Revelation and the Nature of God
TH 202 Theology 2 – Man and Sin; Angels 
TH 301 Theology 3 – The person and work of Christ in salvation 
PT 304 Homiletics 2
PT 306 Spiritual Leadership for women
CH 301 Church History 1
CH 302 Church History 2 
TH 302 Theology 4 – The Spirit and the Church, Last Things 
WM 410 World Mission and the Church
BE 146 Exposition of Romans 
PT 302 Biblical Counseling 
PT 402 Christian Theology and Spiritual Life
PT 401 Ethics