Program Director

I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth. (1 Cor. 3.6)

The Evangelism and Church Planting program exists to provide training, practical direction, and support that leads to an increased number of baptisms in existing churches and an increased number of new churches in Ukraine and the former Soviet Union.

The eleven specialty classes provide detailed analysis of the biblical basis and practical implementation of evangelism, discipleship, leadership training, strategy formation, and church planting in the contemporary contexts of the students.

The classes are taught by instructors (both Ukrainian and American) with a quality academic background (Master’s degree or above), good communication skills, and solid practical ministry experience.

In addition to the classes, the leaders of the program strive to personally meet with each student at least four times a year to make sure they understand what is expected of them and to provide additional assistance as needed.

If you are interested in partnering with the leaders of this program in training young men and women to reach the lost in the contexts and to form new local churches or are interesting in studying on the program yourself, please contact us by phone at +380 (93) 021 36 58 or by email at

Igor Fedorovych, Director of Church Planting program.


About Program

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Church Planting major at Kyiv Theological Seminary is to equip students with the knowledge and experience to start reproducible churches.

Vision Statement:
The vision of the program is to train and equip student church planters to plant reproducible churches in Ukraine and Eurasia.


  1. Equip students with a comprehensive theological education with an emphasis on planting churches.
  2. Instill in students vision and passion for starting churches.
  3. Provide students with training in a wide range of ministry opportunities.
  4. Enable students to experience firsthand church planting.
  5. Expose students to various church planting models.
  6. Train church planters to eventually become independent of outside support.

Core Values:

  1. We value the necessity for practical experience coupled with a strong theological background.
  2. We value the need for church planting models to be reproducible. 
  3. We value the call of God and his gifts that enable a person to be a successful church planter.
  4. We value the importance of evangelistic small groups in church planting.
  5. We value the biblical mandate to “go and make disciples.



The curriculum of Church Planting major is composed of biblical, theological, and practical aspects, designed to prepare the student for effective church planting. The program seeks to create a balance between quality classroom learning and implementing the information on a practical level within the context of actually planting a church during the student’s third and fourth years at KTS.

Major Courses:
CP 101 Intro to Church Planting
CP 105 Prayer and Evangelism
CP 204 Premarital and Marital Counseling
CP 205 Discipleship and Small Groups
CP 206 Teaming and Strategy in the Ministry of the Apostle Paul
CP 304 Leadership in the Church and Its Effective Development
CP 305 Strategies of Church Planting
CP 401 Life and Health of Body of Christ
CP 403 Worship
CP DNA of Reproducing Churches
YM 101 Principles of Youth Ministry 

Core Courses:
GS 101 Orientation 
BE 101 Hermeneutics 
GS 102 Grammar 
OT 101 Old Testament Survey 1 
OT 102 Old Testament Survey 2 
GS 115 Critical Thinking & Writing 1 
NT 201 New Testament Survey 1 
NT 202 New Testament Survey 2
PT 204 Homiletics 1 (for men)
GS 301 Public Speaking (for women)
TH 201 Theology 1 – Introduction, Revelation and the Nature of God
TH 202 Theology 2 – Man and Sin; Angels 
TH 301 Theology 3 – The person and work of Christ in salvation 
PT 304 Homiletics 2 (for men)
PT 306 Spiritual Leadership (for women)
CH 301 Church History 1
CH 302 Church History 2 
TH 302 Theology 4 – The Spirit and the Church, Last Things 
WM 410 World Mission and the Church
BE 146 Exposition of Romans 
PT 302 Biblical Counseling 
PT 402 Christian Theology and Spiritual Life
PT 401 Ethics