But the hour is coming, and is now here,
when the true worshipers will worship  the Father in spirit and truth,
for the Father is seeking such people to worship him
John 4:23, ESV

Beauty, laughter and cheerful conversations filled seminary’s hallways during week-end of May 12. More than one hundred charming ladies attended Living in Worship conference with Tollie Meggs. The conference was dedicated to the topic of worship. 

The conference featured Tollie Meggs, founder of Out of the Boat Ministries (Alabama). She based her teaching on the Bible and also shared from her rich experience and knowledge on trends in worship versus God’s expectation from his children. It is duty of every Christian to see worth and dignity of God and to give him honor and glory he deserves.
“Worship is passionate desire of giving to God, which is flowing from the heart of believer,” – said the speaker. 
Tollie Meggs talked in length on the meaning of worship. She noted that most common word in the New Testament in relation to worship has the meaning of “touching by kissing” (from ancient custom of kissing hand of a ruler). It also means “bow down, bowing in humility”. Further, the speaker continued on the topic of worship for modern Christians. 
Tollie Meggs named four reasons why worship is so crucial in Christian life. 
- The Scriptures are saturated with worship;
- Worship effects how believer lives from day to day;
- Worship is most important topic of the universe; 
- Christ commends us to worship. 
Most importantly, we were created for worshiping God! 
Other topics covered during the conference included music and its styles in worship. What role does music play in worship? Worship originates in heart and finds its expression in music. Music is just one of many forms of worship.   
Tollie Meggs explained in greater details what constitutes God-pleasing worship, and what it means “worship in spirit and in truth.”
She shared many examples from her life, illustrating how God changed and transformed her understanding of worship and how she follows Jesus daily. The day commenced with discussions and questions and answers session.